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It is a nickname that has just stuck – WEEZIE! I did not ask for it but it was given to me by a long-time friend, Robin Parker. My “nick-name sake” comes from the character Louise, wife of George, from the hit TV show “The Jefferson’s.” Ironically this couple made their first appearance the year of my birth, 1971, on the show “All in the Family.” Their spin off show lasted 14 years. Weezie is described as a kind-hearted wife married to a hot-headed husband… No comment! I do remember “Weezie” to be a spicy, humorous woman who truly loved her husband, family and friends. That we do share in common along with the nickname!

Weezie has become a name I love to be referred by. Most importantly because when I hear it I know it comes from people who know me well and call me friend. I feel blessed to have many amazing people call me friend. Friends who love me, laugh with me (at me) and journey along side me in this thing called life.

“Life According to Weezie” ………..It Begins!


11 Responses

  1. very cool first post, my friend….weezie:)

  2. I LOVE IT!! I love the picture of Weezie – I love the fact that you and Louise are similar – I love that at any time of the day I can be exposed to your wit and wisdom.
    I love my friend Weezie !!

  3. She looks nothing like you. Great job. Keep up the good work, I am very proud of you.

  4. I love it!! I will have to start calling you Weezie from now on! Great first blog!

  5. consider yourself bookmarked…..

  6. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere Weezie! Does this mean I can start calling James “George? “

  7. This is Robin posting for Julie (you know she could never find this on her own :)) We both think it’s great – We are so proud of our friend.
    Love Love BFF

  8. Yep…I’m here for the inaugural post, too. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  9. Hey Weezie! Love it!!! I do call you friend! It is a great post and I am looking foward to your blog. You inspire me… always did! You are so amazing and you have such a cool family. God Bless You Much on this Blogging Journey with Him. I love to say…. The Truth is so important, lets get it out there in all kinds of forms and forums… TALK IT UP!!!!!

  10. I am proud to call you friend! But I hope you know that you are more than just a friend! Love ya!

  11. Lovely Blog Lisa, Jame’s as well, I to am on Facebook, what a hoot loved all that you wrote….

    My dad grew up with Pee Wee Reese, so when I was little he used to call me PEE WEE…..not quite as enjoyable as your story and THANK G-D it didn’t stick…a little girl named after a base ball playing coach….hmmm…. Weezie you certainly to have the ‘metal ‘and grace that actress so successfully protrayed… and I have heard humor that you are just as funny! Love asterie

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