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Weezie’s Top 5

Top 5 Reasons I Know I Am Addicted to facebook:

1. I am irritated I am not winning a competition with my husband to see who has the most friends. As he is rubbing it in, I respond, “I am sorry, I did not hear your large number of friends, I was in the middle of my bible study.”

2. I have considered going into the “hotter than hades” attic to collect all my yearbooks. Resulting in hours of searching for friends, those friends I cannot even remember their last names, that is why I need the yearbook.

3. I find great satisfaction to log on and see I have new friend requests. And imagine they went out of their way to find me and it was not just a “suggestion”, but rather an all out search that did not require a yearbook.

4. I am bothered by friends who do not update their status in a timely manner and in English!

5. When I am on the computer and my sweet little Addy (3 years old) asks, “Are you on Facebook? Any new friends? Beating Daddy yet?”


8 Responses

  1. How did you know what was going on in my house? Haha

    David has taken this facebook thing to a new level, too. I’m so far behind. I’ll just have to steal some friends!

  2. you and James are cracking me up! However, it just made me check to see how many friends I had compared to Russell….I’m winning!!!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Lisa! Welcome to blogging! Your blog looks great! I totally understand the Facebook thing – although I’m always whipping up on Jeff…I’m so proud!

  4. # 5 is my favorite!

  5. hahaha that’s awesome!
    i found myself eing kinda mad b/c he’s not been on here long and yet has more friends than i do LOL and i’ve been on here for 3 years!!

  6. LOL!!! I totally relate! I also love it because I feel connected to those I had to leave behind as I went on to another big God Adventure!! I love how Facebook can be a great way to connect the Body of Christ not just in a religious way, but heart to heart!

  7. That was too cute! I am so glad I found your blog.
    Although after reading it I feel bad that I added your husband to my facebook—-I added you too, but I didn’t really help the voting competition did I?

    Hmmm—another thing you can do to win (shhhh, don’t let your hubby know) is to randomly go through your existing friends list of friends—-then click on add friend—-at least 50% will add you just because you are a friend of a friend….that will save you a trip to the hotter-than-Hadees-attic.

    ; 0 )

  8. If you’d come to myspace, you could be my friend. =o) Love ya!

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