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Marco Polo

I was forced into the pool today!

#1 It was too hot to exercise any other way.

#2 It is just plain HOT!

So when the Queen of the house gets in the pool…no matter how quietly I might enter…kids come from the dark places of the house!

Pool time begins as Alexys and I, after a mile walk, determine the pool seems to be inviting us. She has a bit of her Dad’s blood in her and the mild exercise laps became and all out “unspoken” competition. 30 laps later of me trying to keep her pace, thank goodness…in comes Parker and Addy. The fun is just getting started! Woo Hoo! (sarcasm)

Macro Polo is the game of choice. After being “it” for 30 minutes and my hands are beginning to look as old as I was feeling, I asked my bloggin’ husband to join us. Now the party is really getting started! He enters with a ginormous splash…which puts a proud grin on his son’s face. The kids are drawn to him like ants to a picnic. After a few moments of Papa Bear & cub wrestling, we are back to Marco Polo. Without doubt, Dad dominates!

It is a good day!

How to Play Marco Polo Correctly:


The game is played by three or more people. At any time there is one distinguished player, “It”, who must usually wait a certain number of seconds before swimming around the pool with his or her eyes closed, attempting to tag the other players. The “It” player can only sense where the other players are by sound, but may call out “Marco!”, at which point all the other players are required to yell “Polo!”. When the “It” player succeeds in tagging another player, the latter becomes “It”.


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