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It Took Me Just One Moment

I am currently reading the book, “Becoming a Contagious Christian,” written by Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg. Being in full-time ministry for nearly 15 years, my attitude with the book was well…I have heard all this before and frankly how can I add MORE evangelism strategies to my life! Honestly, I am doing all I can right now!

I find it interesting what always (in my life) follows this typical arrogant, self-righteous attitude! After feeling ashamed, typically I have a great revelation, a great stirring in my heart, a voice rings loud, the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking in my life. This book has certainly provided an place for God to speak to me. A look at evangelism not in a stressful, bondage kind of way, but rather introduced me to an opportunity that I know is achievable with little effort, but great impact on the kingdom of Christ. It just takes a moment of caring and looking around, for crying out loud!

Hybels gives some practical tips, tips that I did not discover as any new concept, but quite refreshing and inspiring ways to view my/your current surroundings. Looking for opportunities to reach the lost, truly it is looking at my/your world from a new perspective. As a mom (“home executive”), God has already connected people in my life to consider as opportunities to share Christ, show Christ. My initial brainstorm included neighbors, parents sitting by me on bleachers as we watch our children play T-ball, carpooling partners, my children’s teachers and beyond. Taking just a few moments to look at that those ordinary moments of contact, I see great potential for extraordinary impact. It just took a moment of inspection.

This moment of evaluation brought to my mind an obvious yet very important opportunity. My neighborhood has a group of ladies who love to gather and play bunco (a brainless dice game) once a month. I have attended occasionally over the past 4 years and have found an interesting group of women, from all walks of life, in different seasons of life. The scene is a bit different than a party I would host, it always consists of variety of alcoholic beverages, everything from a margarita bar to an assortment wines and beer, and not to mention an array of colorful language, but always a blast! It is an “elite” group of ladies – if you do not live on Summerwood Circle…you are not invited! I am honored to be a part of the elite Summerwood group, affectionately known as “The Bunco Babes.” Truth is I rarely go I am always busy with “other things” – organized ministry programs. After reading “Becoming a Contagious Christian” and the Holy Spirit gently screaming at me, I feel so impressed to make this opportunity a priority. The “Bunco Babes” have cared for our neighbors who have recently had surgery, celebrated with a neighbor who is having her first baby and cried with those in hard times (sound familiar… Lisa ,it is what God has called you to, ding dong!). This group of ladies have taught me some very important lessons, I am ashamed I have not given it the focus and priority it deserves. How long have I passed on this precious moment God has so graciously placed right in front of my FACE??? 15-20 ladies, some believers, some not, I will be a faithful Bunco Babe, and allow God to work in me!


2 Responses

  1. The church is His Voice and we can’t keep it to ourselves in our buildings, we need to be in the world, don’t have to be of it, but in it and Talking Up His message, His character, His Truth… being His… Living Legacy to the World He so very much wants to reach! I am so proud of you, for listening, for hearing what you did not want to hear and for obeying and stepping our of what you want, what is comfortable to you, stepping out into divine appointments! Take Care! Keep writing, it is good. Talk It Up!

  2. I didn’t like the book to begin with….yuck! Why is that? Oh, yeah….it’s called CONVICTION! I hate when that happens! All kidding aside, it’s been a great challenge to me to step out and be a little less selfish with my time, making more effort to touch the lives around me with the love of Christ. Now I just need to get a little creative with God’s help!

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