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Horses & Computers

I have a personal problem….I have some type of signal that is sent off from my hips, I figure it is my hips seeing that is the largest most annoying part of my body, none the less, these signals are not good. They jack with computers systems and horses. I know it is a weird combination. Truth be known it extends beyond computers into the electronic world in general. This world includes but is not limited to, copy machines, cash registers, Direct TV systems and cell phones.

I will try to keep it brief, but basically this is how it works…last night my husband loaded a software I need for the computer…I am innocently away from home…I call him on my way home and our conversation goes something like this:

Lisa: “Did you get the software installed, does it work?”

James: “Oh yeah, it was a breeze! Everything is working. I will show you how to navigate it when you get home.”

Lisa: With a sharp response, I say, “How long (in Lisa time) will it take for me to get an overview?” (I need mental prep and self talk before accessing the technical learning piece of my brain)

I arrive home.

James: “Lisa, let me show you how this works.” (we sit down, LOW & BEHOLD) With confusion is his voice “It was working just a minute ago! Now there is no connection? It was just working before you came in!” (why he is so bewildered by this malfunction..is beyond me…this always happens when I am involved.)

Lisa: (No words come. There are no words for this, why, because it is my life for years. Honestly, it is my blight.)

(Just let me take a moment here to say just because I blog and I am self-diagnosed facebook addict, does not mean I love computers or technology…truly I would rather pull out one eyelash at a time before navigating something new on computers.)

Back to the predicament…The indication that the “scrambler signal” has been released, comes in the form of statement of confusion, by the person who typically operates the apparatus. I often hear, “This computer never has done this…That is weird I have never had this copier jam…(or in the case of the Direct TV technician) I need to call my supervisor, I have never encountered this problem and I have been doing this for 20 years!”

And now the horses …the very same problem exists with these creatures. With out fail, the most gentle horse, the old and kind horse, the horse that young children can control…will inevitable go backwards up mountains, all of sudden decide to lay down (nearly breaking my leg) bite other horses and start fights, run away from the other trail horses (in the event you did not know trail horses are trained to follow the butt of the horse in front of them . They typically NEVER deviate from the pack. Unless of course I am involved).

After sharing all of this with Dwight, the Direct TV technician, he had a piece of wisdom to share. His advise was that I should move far, far away, where there is no electronics, making my life and those around much less complicated. To that I say….”that is where HORSES live!”…. Please no suggestions, just pity!


2 Responses

  1. Awwwww…. I can totally relate! I loved reading it from someone elses perspective!!! When my husband brought home our first computer, it was when computers were not very popular and I was so mad at him for buying it!!! Oh I was mad at him. He had no idea how to use it! I told him: “Take that back!” I’ve come a long way baby!!! Horse too…. owned three of them growing up! Don’t let anyone tell you that they don’t have a mind of thier own.. they do!! My sweet Bay Mare who is supposed to be listening to me as I pull her reigns away from the lake (Crystal Lake which was way before Christ Fellowship was there out on Northlake when there was land that went on forever… telling my age here!!!) off she goes… stubborn as ever right into the lake… saddle and all!!! I have to admit, that the Lord must smile… in fact I think He puts the computers and horses in our lives because we reap what we sow… So many times I have been equipped, trainned to do something by Him and I just mess it up because of my strong will, I deviate from the pack… and because of my selfishness I do something I am not wierd by God to do… so I can see HIM Smile … right now!

  2. HA HA HA HAAAA!!! You are hilarious!!!

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