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I have always known…

….but God gave me a fresh appreciation for my husband. Fifteen years of marriage and much emotional, personal and spiritual growth has taken place in my life. I have had the honor to have a husband who was a strong leader in our dating relationship and it has continued on into our lives as a couple and into our family with our children.

I have many great friends with awesome husbands…but isn’t neat how God places the right combination of personalities and gift sets together in a marriage. James is certainly that for me. We are a great fit.

Over the years James has continued to grow in his craft as a musician and God has blessed him with the ability to lead people in Worship. I love being under his leadership every weekend. Truth is I have zero music ability. Notes on a page of music, for me, is trying to read Chinese. I have no clue.

When starting out in full-time ministry, during the interview process, I would be asked “Do you play an instrument or sing?” I did not know how to feel about not sharing this gift with James. I had not yet discovered what area God would use me along side James in ministry. However, we did share the same passion for ministry, that was undeniable.

Over the years God has turned my passion into service for Him in various ways. It has been a journey of stretching and growing…but completely rewarding!

Lesson to learn: #1 if you just married a Worship Leader and have no musical talent…God has much for you to learn that has nothing to do with music! Good stuff…that is! You can do it! #2 If you have a passion to serve and have no clue what it is…give it time and God will develop you – but get started somewhere!


2 Responses

  1. I think I would have to agree with you, Lisa. You two are, indeed, a fit. God has molded you into one, and it shows! There are some amazing couples in our lives, and you and James are one of them. I never wonder if all is well, I never worry about how you will react to this or tha. I just enjoy you both.

    By the way, that Powerful Stuff was powerfull stuff!

  2. …and we’ve learned more about ministry from you guys than from any other! Thanks for holding our hands through it all:)

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