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Need a New Tool

Have you ever been stuck in knowing how to pray for a fellow believer that you do not know very well, much less the situation they are facing or processing through.  I find myself here often.  Sometimes I do not have the time to hear all the history and facts, but I know God knows the details and he always has time.

I have been studying Colossians and in my study bible it gave ways to pray for other believers that you do not know well.  Modeling after Paul and his prayer for the people of Colosse.  People he had never met.  I wanted to figure a way to remember the helpful hints.  So I made necessary adjustments to the information, helping me log it in my noggin.  Here it is, maybe it will help someone else.

Praise God for their changed life in Chirst.

Right direction – God’s direction.

Ask for deep spiritual understanding.

Yielded life for Christ.

Increase knowledge of Christ.

Needed endurance.

God, please fill _____ life with joy, strenght and thankfulness.

Life Application Study Bible


One Response

  1. Thank you for this insight. This is so much of what I’ve needed lately and I thank you for being obedient to Him in sharing.

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