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Parker Would Love This

A big “Shout Out!!” to my favorite little man.  I have seen some serious weapons you would love to hold!  Good thing you are not here.  I have posted some of them for your viewing pleasure.  I miss you and will see you soon! -your Queen Kisser.

Too bad I am not a Queen, check out the castle in the “real” Hampton’s (lower right with our great friends & great leaders Pastor Todd & Julie).  What amazing history!  I have discovered being a Queen isn’t “all that” any who…most Queens had a hard time having children and keeping themselves from being beheaded by their King/Hubby.  I will take my life in South Florida!

Great memories, Great Friends, Great Husband and Great Mom taking care of my kids!  Thanks Mom!


One Response

  1. Sounds like it is an awesome learning trip too. Wow! Nanny is taking care of the kids. Totally impressed. I bet Lex is a good help though. I still laugh at the things you have told me Parker or Addy has said.
    Love ya

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