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I am now considered a “middle-age” woman. I am from West Palm Beach, Florida of nearly 11 years. I was born in Arkansas and have lived in seven states since. I love my husband and serve along side him in ministry at Christ Fellowship. I have three amazing children, Alexys (12 almost 17), Parker (9) and our “Hurricane Surprise” Adeline – “Addy” (3).

I am passionate about family, ministry and friends. I spend most of my days with my kids and investing in them. I look for ways to be involved in ministry with James (worship ministry). I am honored to journey with women as we grow in our faith. I respect that I should have someone who is ahead of me in this journey, along side me and taking others to the next step God has for them – discovering it all together. And along the way of all of that making and connecting with friends…a very important part of my life.


5 Responses

  1. Your wording is such a great visual of how to live a balanced life – looking to those ahead – surrounding yourself shoulder to shoulder with great people – and giving back to those who come behind – any over indulgence in any one of these areas and we are more prone to stumbling.

    As a side note , the Wii fit said my balance is a “little off ” and asked “Do you trip when you walk?”
    Really? Being insulted by a game… Anywhooo
    Your about me is a good reminder to keep my spiritual life in balance as well.

  2. Hi there – Julie and Robin again – we were just wondering …are we ahead of you- beside you or behind you. Wherever we are we are glad to be with you?!

  3. You Do Glow His Glory! Everyday in Everyway! So proud of you!

  4. Welcome to blogging! I found your blog through Marla Saunders – love that girl!

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